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Downieville is a little slice of California's past with a million things to do for lovers of nature and the outdoors. Our family comes every year in the winter because it feels like we stepped into a postcard-perfect village! We Love Downieville!

Nina Gulley, Santa Cruz, CA

Getting a glimpse into wild country from a cozy river front balcony in Downieville CA is life for me. I wake up refreshed after listening to the water rushing by, and I only wish I could stay longer. What a sweet little town filled with charm and good vibes.

Ryan Powell, Sacramento, CA

Trails. Trails. Trails! The BEST trails are in Downieville.

Eric Sewell, Livermore, CA

The town of Downieville was something I had never seen. The history that's there. The people you meet. Basically, it's that time when you sit there and think to yourself 'Where did i grow up? Where did I come from? Why wasn't I born here?

Mark Weir, Eight-Time Champion of the Downieville Downhill

Downieville is a remarkably well-preserved old Gold Rush town, perched at a fork in the Yuba River in remote western Sierra County. History is its pitch to tourists, and it has the feel of a backlot for an Old West movie — in its corner saloon, in the one-lane bridges over the Yuba, and in the second-story offices of The Mountain Messenger [California's Oldest Weekly Newspaper] next to the Fire Department.

Tim Arango, New York Times

In a High cleft of the Northern Sierra, straddling two rivers that once lured gold miners, Downieville, California is enjoying a 21st-century treasure boom in the form of extreme sports.

Laura Read, National Geographic Traveler

In the summertime, the population explodes with the infusion of mountain bikers, white water rafters and kayakers, fly-fishermen, people who love to play in the river, bird watchers, and hikers. Basically, anyone who wants to stay in a place out of this world heads to Downieville.

Sierra Nevada Geotourism in Partnership with National Geographic

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